Should Candidates Describe Themselves as Pro-Gun?


Pollster Scott Rasmussen recently asked 1,000 likely voters the following question: "Suppose a candidate was described to you as pro-gun. Would you consider that a positive description, a negative description, or somewhere in between?"

Rassmussen says 39 percent of those likely voters considered that a positive description. Compare that to the 22 percent who considered the description "pro-union" to be a positive attribute. Polls like this demonstrate why Barack Obama can't run for re-election as the anti-gun politician that he really is.

Going back to Al Gore in 2000, candidates who hate your Second Amendment rights realize they have to hide their intentions and offer meaningless gestures of support for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Obama understands that he can't get re-elected if every American voter knows the truth about his plans for a second term. And that's why between now and Election Day we're going to make sure that the truth gets spread far and wide.

A second term for Obama means an anti-gun Supreme Court for decades to come. A second term for Obama would bring an attempt to ban commonly owned firearms, and support for a U.N. treaty designed to restrict your gun rights on a global basis. Obama may be keeping his powder dry for now, but I have no doubts that four more years of Barack Obama would mean vicious attacks on our individual rights.

Voters respect pro-gun candidates, and American gun owners deserve a candidate who truly believes in the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and who will work to secure and strengthen that right ... not destroy it.


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