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Shotgun Armed Robber Joshua McCoy Gets Knocked Out Inside Home He Broke Into

A robber equipped with a shotgun broke into a North Portland home and demanded money from the people inside. But it was he who ended up paying after being pushed down a flight of stairs and knocked unconscious on Monday night.

Police say 38-year-old Joshua McCoy broke down the front door of a house, but that’s as far as the house’s inhabitants let him get, Fox 12 Oregon reports.

Devin Vaughn, 20, grabbed McCoy’s shotgun and shoved him down the stairs. Police said McCoy hit his head on the way down and was knocked unconscious.

“I came downstairs and he started running up the stairs with the shotgun at me in my face,” Vaughn told KATU-TV. “It was just instinct. I grabbed it and hit him at the same time, then we kind of both fell, tripping down the stairs.”

Vaughn’s quick instinct was enough to stop the attempted robbery.

“He fell flat,” he added. “He didn’t stumble or anything. It was just flat back and he just hit his head. I’m kind of grabbing the gun and thinking we’re still fighting and I look back and he’s just passed out.”

Vaughn and his mother’s boyfriend watched over the suspect while they called the police, according to Portland Police Bureau Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Officers arrived and took McCoy into custody. Before being booked into jail, he was taken to a Portland hospital for injuries he suffered during his fall.

The victims did not know McCoy and it is not known why the suspect targeted their home, according to police.

Vaugh told KATU-TV he recently sold a car and believes someone may have been trying to steal the money be got from the sale.

McCoy is scheduled to be arraigned on Tuesday. He is charged with robbery in the first degree, robbery in the second degree and burglary in the first degree.

Sources: KATU-TV, The Oregonian, Fox 12 Oregon


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