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Shopper Sees Elderly Man Being Beaten In Parking Lot, Takes Matters Into Own Hands (Photos)

When a 24-year-old shopper in Little Rock, Arkansas witnessed an elderly man being beaten up by a group of seven people in the parking lot of a grocery store, he pulled out a gun and took matters into his own hands.

Gene, the man who protected the elderly gentleman from his attackers, said he was walking out of a Kroger grocery store in Little Rock on April 22 when he saw the man being assaulted while surrounded by a group of seven people. Fearing for the man’s life, Gene dropped his bags and pulled out his weapon.

“I was freaking out,” he told reporters. “I was shaking.”

A photo captured the moment that Gene pointed his gun at the attackers, threatening to use it if they refused to stop beating the elderly man. “I saw seven people against one guy and I did not like those odds.”

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The group of attackers noticed Gene immediately, and told him to walk away. “They kept yelling, 'This isn’t your fight, you need to walk away, you need to put the gun down,'” he said.

As soon as Gene drew his weapon, bystanders began calling police to report the standoff. When police arrived at the scene, the attackers and the victim were gone.

It was determined, following an investigation, one of the attackers was the elderly man's nephew. The elderly man told police he did not wish to press charges.

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Gene said although he was terrified, and despite it being the first time he’d ever felt the need to draw his weapon since he began carrying it, he’d do it again if in a similar situation.

“When you see a crime happening and you see someone getting injured, if you have the ability to stop it, you should do so,” he said.

Sources: The BlazeKOLR / Photo Credit: Via

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