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'He Doesn't Own Walmart': Shoplifter Banned From Walmart Stores Admits To Defying Judge's Order

A New Jersey woman banned from Walmart after she was caught shoplifting says she has already defied the “stupid” ruling.

A municipal judge prohibited 64-year-old Johanna Cassimore from entering any Walmart in the U.S. for attempting to steal $78 worth of vitamins, according to

Cassimore, of Hopatcong, pleaded guilty to the shoplifting charges for the crime that occurred at a Walmart in Mount Olive, New Jersey, in December 2014. In addition to the nationwide ban, Judge Brian Levine also ordered the woman to pay $258 in fines and sentenced her to 10 hours of community service.

“It was stupid. I disagree and I’m appealing it,” Cassimore told the Daily News on Sunday. “The judge can’t say that. He doesn’t own Walmart.”

Cassimore added that she would not abide by the ruling, saying she has already found a way to successfully defy the ban. 

“No one knows me at other Walmarts,” she said. “I won’t shop at the one [where I was arrested] anymore. I’m not stupid.”

Although Cassimore claims her shoplifting was a one-time thing, she also admitted that she signed a paper several years ago promising to never go to Walmart again. Cassimore said she didn’t know what was written on the document and only signed it "because I’m stupid.” 

Michelle Armbrech, administrator for the Mount Olive Township Municipal Court, told the Daily News on Monday that the document Cassimore had previously signed was with the company’s Loss Prevention office, stating that she would not enter any Walmart store. She was unaware of what Cassimore had done in that incident.

Store bans for shoplifting suspects would not normally be set in place by a judge. However, the prosecutor specifically requested it be part of Cassimore’s sentence. If a defendant is found violating an order such as this, they could face additional penalties under the judge’s discretion.

Despite the possible consequences, Cassimore said she has, and will continue to shop at the retail giant. Since her sentencing two weeks ago, she has already been to different Walmart stores, reported.

“I go to Walmart all the time,” she said. “It’s a good place.”

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