Shoplifter Caught Trying To Hide Food In Hijab (Video)


An alleged thief was caught in the act after attempting to stuff items into her hijab and walk out of a store undetected (video below).

In the clip, the woman is confronted by staff members at a supermarket. The employees tell her to hand over the items she took, and she proceeds to take out a stash of goods, including a large bottle of liquid. She puts more items into a bag at the counter and is then instructed to continue removing the goods, as employees suspect she has more hidden.

Her hijab is then searched and she admits to hiding at least nine items, including clothing and food. She then angrily leaves the store.

The video quickly went viral, with some responding out of concern that she was stealing household items and therefore might not be able to afford certain things.

“If she is stealing dishwashing liquid, she has no resources and she needs help. Stealing is such a crime in the Muslim religion that she has to be desperate. She needs social services, not our condemnation,” one Daily Mail reader commented. 

Others had no sympathy for the woman, shaming her for her actions.

“Wonder how many times this happens up and down the country and ignored . Let`s face it how many people will put their job on the line when the favourite card to play is never far away . no real prize for who`s side the police will permanently take,” one reader wrote. 

In a similar incident, a man was caught attempting to steal a significant amount of meat by hiding it in his pants. 

“I got you,” a worker reportedly said to the thief. “I don't care what you are. This is about the third or fourth time you've done this to me. You should be going to jail."

The man ultimately handed over several packages of raw meat, including a rack of ribs, from his pants. 

The origin of the video of the woman in the hijab is currently unknown. 

Sources: Daily Mail, vClipsOnline/YouTube, AOL / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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