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Shop Installs Shower to Douse People Who Relieve Themselves in the Alley Out Back (Video)

A locksmith shop in Allentown, Penn., installed a surveillance camera and a showerhead in the alley behind their shop in order to deter public urinators. They filmed offenders and posted the video on the web.

The shop backs up to an alley and many people appear to use a niche in the wall there that provides a little privacy for urination. Fed-up, some unidentified workers installed the shower. Caught on tape, the urinators are taken by surprise. One is so startled he runs into the wall across the alley.

While many of the offenders are men, there are some women on the video who drop their pants to go behind shop. One woman appeared to be using the niche as a changing room when she’s doused.

The shopkeepers appear to control the flow of the water, able to spray people who move or don’t stand directly underneath it.

Published May 27 on Youtube by user DaleTheHorse, the video has more than 350,000 views.

NSFW Warning: The following video contains some nudity.

Sources: Guyism, Daily Mail


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