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Shooting Victim Walter Scott, Police Officer Both Served In Coast Guard

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An unexpected past connection exists between a South Carolina police officer and the man he is accused of shooting him in the back after a traffic stop.

Both Officer Michael Slager and Walter Scott served in the U.S. Coast Guard years before the shooting that took place on Saturday in North Charleston. A Coast Guard spokesperson confirmed that Slager was honorably discharged in 2009 after enlisting in 2003. He served his last round at Port Canaveral in Florida.

Scott was enlisted from 1984 to 1986 and was involuntarily separated for a drug-related offense. However, he was still discharged under honorable conditions.

The new information was revealed on Tuesday night when Scott’s older brother Anthony discussed it during a news conference.

“Out of my brothers, he was the most outgoing of all of us,” Anthony said of his brother. “He knew everybody. He knew family I didn’t know, he had friends I didn’t know. He was well known in the community, everywhere.”

Slager’s history in the force was released to the public on Saturday. He served as a member of the North Charleston Police Department since 2009 and in the Coast Guard before that.  

On Tuesday, Slager was charged with Scott’s murder. He appeared at a bond hearing on Tuesday night but has not yet entered a plea.

Over the weekend, Slager’s attorney David Aylor said that while the event was tragic, Slager followed all the proper procedures and policies.

Warning: The following video contains graphic content.

Sources: Yahoo! News, NBC News / Photo Credit: Yahoo! News


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