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Woman Texted Father To Warn Him Before Her Death (Photos)

Woman Texted Father To Warn Him Before Her Death (Photos) Promo Image

A Florida woman sent her father an ominous text just says before she was shot, warning him about her alleged killer.

"If something ever happens to me, Pablo J. Johnson... did it! I love u," wrote Eukelia Davis in a text to her father, according to WGFL. The text also reportedly included details about Johnson, Davis' 51-year-old boyfriend, including his birthday and a photo of him.

Police went to Johnson's apartment in Gainesville after a mental health counselor said the man had told him he "got into a fight with a female and she has not moved since last night," WGHP reports.

Officers arrived at the apartment to discover Davis' body on the bedroom floor with multiple gunshot wounds in her arms and back. There was a gun lying next to her as well.

Police found Johnson at a nearby hospital, and questioned him about the incident. He said he had dated Davis for four years, and that the relationship had grown violent.

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Police had gone to their apartment in 2016, when Davis said Johnson had threatened to shoot her.

"It happened so fast," Johnson said about the incident leading to Davis' death, according to the police report.

Johnson said Davis had hit him with an unknown object in the eyebrow, and he told her to leave. When she grabbed his bag, he allegedly shot her. Police said they believe the shooting was premeditated, and Johnson never claimed it was in self-defense.

Johnson was charged with first-degree murder and is being held at the Alachua County Jail without bail.

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In a similar story in Dallas, a teen girl and an adult male were found dead a few days after they were allegedly kidnapped. Texts show the man knew he may have been in danger, WFAA reports.

Shavon Randle, 13, and Michael Titus, 19, were found dead inside a home on July 1.

Devontae Owens, 24, along with Laquon Wilkerson, 30, were arrested on aggravated kidnapping charges for Randle's disappearance. Two other persons of interest, LaPorschya Polley and Darius Fields, were also named in connection to the case.

"They are individuals that we believe may have information related to the kidnapping of Shavon," said FBI Special Agent Eric Jackson.

Titus' mother said she didn't think her son was involved in the alleged kidnapping, which happened on June 28. She said Titus' girlfriend had sent her texts saying someone had been coming over to buy marijuana.

"My female cousin open the door and he rob her and took her gun," said one of the texts. Titus said his cousin thought that he was behind the robbery.

"So if these n***** kill me... screenshot this and show the police," said Titus in a text.

The mother showed the text messages to police.

"I'm not saying my child is perfect by far, but what I do know that he would not be responsible for no kidnapping of another child,” said Titus' mother. “I'm worried not only for this baby, but for my child."

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