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Shooting Target Selling Company Uses Photo of Virginia Tech. Victim to Promote New Product

The market for zombie dummies modeled after Virginia Tech. shooting victims exists, appartently.

Zombie Industries, a company which creates such dummies, is now advertising its most recent product — a gun control lobbyist shooting target — using a photo that includes Colin Goddard, who was shot four times in the Virginia Tech. massacre in April 2007, according to

Goddard, who became a gun control advocate after the school shooting, asked pro-gun rights company to take his picture off their advertisement over his Twitter account and criticized the company using Facebook, according to Buzzfeed Politics.

Zombie Industries also bashed Goddard on its website advertisement for the dummy product.

“Despite being a self-proclaimed expert on the subject, (Goddard’s) actual working knowledge of firearms and their capabilities was completely non-existent...,” the website states. “What’s worse is that he was even prone to exploiting victims of heinous crimes just to try and further his own political agenda. In other words, he was a real scumbag with no appreciation for the U.S. Constitution or respect for an individual’s freedom!”

Creating controversy and offending people seem to be in the shooting target company’s nature, as it bases its models — which sometimes ooze blood when shot — on people gun owners might want to kill. 

Women’s groups recently protested the design of an “ex-girlfriend” dummy sold by Zombie Industries, claiming the dummy made violence against women seem like a joke. The company also makes a shooting target that looks like President Obama. 

The advertisement for the new gun control lobbyist dummy calls the dummy “the most dangerous zombie in the USA today.”

The product comes out more than half a year after the shooting of 26 people — 20 of them children — at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, which prompted the Obama administration and gun control advocates to push for stricter gun laws in the U.S.


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