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Alleged School Shooter Had Been Expelled For Weapons

The 14-year-old South Carolina boy who allegedly killed his father and shot two elementary school students and a teacher was reportedly expelled from school for bringing in a machete and a hatchet because he was bullied.

The teen reportedly opened fire at Townville Elementary School, firing shots at three people -- two students and one teacher, Megan Hollingsworth -- who were all wounded. He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 30 for allegations that he killed his father before opening fire at a nearby school while shouting, "I hate my life, I hate my life."

Investigators learned that the boy had previously been expelled from school for bringing weapons into the classroom. His father, Jeffrey Osborne, 47, has previous convictions for domestic abuse and marijuana possession.

The youngest victim of the attack is 6-year-old Jacob Hall, who is currently fighting for his life in a nearby hospital. According to GreenvilleOnline, he is on life support and had to be revived twice. He lost 75 percent of his blood.

"He died twice, and was revived, during medical transport and during surgery," State Rep. Alan Clemmons, a friend of the Hall family, said. "He's in ICU now where a team of doctors are working to stabilize him. Once stabilized, he will face yet another surgery. PLEASE join me in fervent prayer for little Jacob's recovery."

The alleged teen shooter had been home-schooled by his parents, Jeffrey and Tiffany, since last year after being expelled for bringing a machete and hatchet into school after reportedly being abused by bullies, who made fun of him being small.

Sources: Daily MailGreenvilleOnline / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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