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'Shoot Him, Neal': Florida Grandfather Orders Grandson To Defend Family From Aggressive Home Intruder

Two disabled grandparents are alive thanks to their grandson who followed his grandfather’s instructions and shot a home intruder.

Robert Shuster, who is reportedly disabled, said he and his wheelchaired wife, Linda, sat in the living room, when 21-year-old Reagan Quade walked in to their Orlando, Florida, home.

Shuster first thought the man was his 17-year-old grandson, Neal, but quickly realized it was a stranger and “neither of us could do anything to help,” The Blaze reported.

The grandfather told his grandson to get his 9mm handgun. Quade grew aggressive and charged toward the grandson, who reportedly told the intruder, “I’ll tell you one more time to get out of my house or I’m going to shoot you.”

When the suspect refused to comply, Shuster told his grandson what he needed to do.

“Shoot him, Neal. Don’t let him hurt you,” Schuster yelled.

The teenager fired a shot at Quade, hitting him in the stomach. The suspect remained on the ground bleeding until police arrived.

Quade was placed into a medically induced coma, but is expected to survive and will face burglary charges after recovery.

“When someone comes in like that. You don't know what to do,” Linda Shuster told WESH.

She and her husband are glad that their grandson was at home to defend the family. Neal Shuster, who is not facing any charges, said he just did what he needed to do.

Police said none of the victims know Quade, Orlando Sentinel reported. It’s unclear what the motive was for the alleged home invasion.

Sources: The BlazeWESHOrlando Sentinel / Photo Credit: Screenshots via, WFTV


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