Texas Mother Lashes Out At 9-Year-Old In Shocking Video (Video)


An unsettling video (below) posted on social media shows a Texas mother lashing out at her 9-year-old daughter for having spoken to her father when he visited her school.

Angela Armendariz, 36, is seen striking the girl and cursing loudly in the brutal attack.

The Pecos-based woman says in the footage: "Look at him and tell him why I bust your [expletive][expletive]. Tell him why."

The footage went viral and led the police to issue a warrant for Armendariz, who has since been charged with child injury and bonded out, KWES reports.

"The officer recommended me not to look at it because to him it was graphic," the father of the victim, Jesus Armendariz, said, according to the Daily Mail.

He recalled: "I thought that at that time I was strong enough to handle it and so I watched it. I just can't believe what I was seeing."

Jesus stated he stopped by his daughter's school to visit the child; by doing so, he provoked the reaction of his estranged wife who took it out on the nine-year-old. 

The couple is in the midst of a divorce, Jesus affirmed, who added he had, in the past, tried to report Angela's abuse of the child but lacked the proof to enable a charge. 

In response to the video, officials have slapped a protective order on Angela and granted Jesus custody of his daughter. 

Jesus asked: "A lot of kids get beat up and they get killed. If my child was to go back to her you think that behind closed doors she's not going to beat her again?"

Sources: The Daily Mail, KWES / Photo credit: Mirror / Video credit: YouTube

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