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Parents Allegedly Attack High School Students (Video)

A video (below) reveals parents reportedly attacking five female high students in California.

"There was a mob of grown women, grown men, waiting to attack -- viciously -- these young girls," said Michelle Brown, a parent of one of the girls, reports KTLA.

"Why would you, a grown person -- let alone a grown woman, a grown man -- physically assault a minor?!" added the enraged Brown.

The adults swung the victims by their hair, hitting and kicking the girls outside of Knight High School in Palmdale on May 9, the Daily Mail reports. The altercation reportedly took place after previous fights between students.

One of the parents reportedly slammed a girl to the ground before repeatedly punching her in the face. When the girl tried to get up, another adult allegedly kicked her back down.

"No one should fight, but if anything it should be left up to the teenagers," said one of the victims who has chosen to remain anonymous.

She complains security were also in the wrong as they did not help.

Brown agrees, adding she had to call the police herself.

"They didn't know if these adults had guns or knives or anything," she said. "Anything could have happened to these kids and as a result our kids are left bruised and with concussions. And to this very second the school has yet to call me."

Many on social media were sickened by the incident.

"The students get violent and the parents get violent?" wrote one Daily Mail reader. "The future for many of these individuals has ended before it has begun. This says so many bad things about the brawler's, school,society,and the future of us all."

However, many on social media also defended the parents.

"How do we know that these girls who were attacked were not responsible for the bullying of one of their family members???" wrote one Daily Mail reader.

"A lot of parents would like to do precisely the same thing," added another. "Sure it's wrong -- but they are driven to desperation by PC school districts that refuse to acknowledge bullying and cover it up. For minorities the cops are not their friends."

"I'm betting that those parents were sick and tired of their children getting bullied and decided to put a stop to it," said a third. "Good for them if this is the case, cause the school's sure don't stop it! Too many have taken their lives to escape it. Enough already! If they can dish it out then they'd better be ready to take the consequences- or stop before someone decides to stop them permanently."

Sources: KTLA, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Michael Fotsch/Flickr

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