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Shocking Video Of Drunk Chicago Cop Beating Female Bartender

Official proceedings are underway in Chicago to remove a 13-year officer from the police force after his conviction for beating up a female bartender. Anthony Abbate didn't receive any jail time for his violent actions -- only probation.

Short clips of video of the brutal and unprovoked attack taken by a surveillance camera have been circulating around the Internet for a while. But at the hearing on Tuesday, the unedited version was played. Here it is:

Abbate was convicted of felony aggravated battery for the 2007 attack on Karolina Obrycka.

At Monday's hearing, the Chicago Tribune reports Abbate invoked his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination at least 75 times. His lawyer says Abbate cannot comment on the case because of a pending civil suit.

The attorney said the hearing is just a formality anyway, considering that Abbate cannot serve as a police officer with a felony conviction. "There is no getting around it," he said.

Obrycka took the stand and watched the video that shows her being punched, beaten, pushed and yanked by the hair. "I heard him say, 'Nobody will tell me what to do,' " Obrycka testified. "I believe the only thing I said ... I said, 'Stop.' "

Photo: Courtesy of ABC News


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