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Man Feeding The Homeless Inspires Others (Video)

There are approximately 2,100 homeless people in the greater area of Atlanta, Georgia, and 24-year-old Yoel Carrera is working to alleviate their hunger (video below).

Carrera lives paycheck-to-paycheck working as a plumber, but once a month he buys food from a restaurant and feeds the local homeless people a warm meal out of his Chevy Impala. “I am not saying that I am good, but sometimes I have problems and somehow those problems always happen to find a solution, and ... it's crazy how that works, so ... maybe I can be a solution to someone else's problems,” Carrera told FOX 5 Atlanta.

Carrera’s own family didn’t know he was reaching out to his community, but the story went viral, garnering more than 8,000 reactions on FOX 5 Atlanta’s Facebook. Carrera was met with praise for his good deeds by acquaintances and strangers alike. 

“I work with Yoel and he truly is a good person down to his core and a very hard worker! I'm proud to know him!,” wrote Shanna Elaine Conrad.

Others were inspired by Carrera’s good deeds. “I'm gonna start doing that and taking (my) three children so they can learn giving is a great thing to do,” wrote Joseph Nella. “Its not always about receiving. Thanks for your kindness.”

Several people asked what they could do to help, but Carrera says he hopes people act on their own. “It is so easy to come help. It is so simple,” he said.

“Just save up money, $10 dollars a week. Then at the end of the month, there is going to be good money enough, you'd be surprised at some of the things you could do.”

Accordign to United Way, veterans account for more than 21 percent of the homeless population. 

Sources: United Way, FOX 5 Atlanta, FOX 5 Atlanta/Facebook Photo credit: FOX 5 Atlanta

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