Shocking Footage Of Snowplow Driving Into Oncoming Traffic (Video)


A Virginia man recorded a video of an Arlington snowplow driver driving the wrong way on the street, after he nearly skid into the out-of-control plow himself.

Jason Berry, a local filmmaker, called it “the most as asinine thing I think I’ve ever seen and a great way to kill someone,” as he followed Truck 5403 cruising into oncoming traffic, whipping around turns.

“No way for a car to see that thing coming,” Berry says in the video.

Berry nearly hit the plow on Military Road. He says his car spun 180 degrees after the plow forced him out of his lane. That’s when he picked up his camera and headed after it.

Berry posted the video on YouTube with the title “Crazy Snow Plow Driver - Truck 5403.”

The driver was removed from his post after the video was brought to the attention of the Arlington Water, Sewer and Streets Bureau, according to NBC Washington.

"We reviewed this incident with the team that took over snow operations at noon today in the pre-shift driver briefing, pointing out that it demonstrated unacceptable and unsafe plowing technique and was contrary to our annual training for snow and ice removal operations," said Water, Sewer and Streets Chief Operating Engineer Dave Hundelt in a statement.

Some criticized Berry for shooting video while driving, but he defended his actions.

"I don't want this guy out there plowing streets ever again," he told NBC Washington.

Sources: New York Daily NewsNBC Washington


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