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Shocking Footage Shows Teens Being Held At Gunpoint By Police Officer (Video)

Shocking viral video shows a police officer in New Rochelle holding a group of teens at gunpoint after he responded to a disturbance call that turned out to be a snowball fight.

In the clip, the officer points his gun at the teens, who are on their knees, as he yells, “Don’t fucking move, guys.”

At another point in the video, the officer starts to frisk one of the teens with one hand while continuing to point the gun at the others. The person behind the camera then lets viewers know that all the teens were doing was having a snowball fight.

“They were having a snowball fight,” the camera operator says. “This group of guys was having a snowball fight and now a cop has a gun on them.”

So far, police in New Rochelle have yet to respond to the video.

Sources:Raw Story, LiveLeak


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