Officers Accused Of Going Into Home, Slapping Woman, Trying To Take Man's Camera (Video)

A shocking video showing two Massachusetts police officers entering a home has quickly gone viral.

The video, which was first made public after the Free Thought Project discovered it on Facebook, shows two Wareham officers at a family’s doorstep when an argument ensues. It’s not clear why the officers were there to begin with, but the video starts by showing the argument.

The man behind the camera, Richard Phillips, tells the officers that he is filming to comply with the law, and while Officer George Chandler smiles and waves, Officer Jon Verhaegen angrily tries to grab the camera out of Phillips’ hand.

Phillips and the others in the house suddenly begin to accuse one officer of slapping the woman, Phillips’ mother, in the face. The woman tries to shut the door, but one officer keeps his foot in the doorway to stop her.

Phillips then gets on the phone with 911 to report the incident, but still, the officers refuse to leave. The officers say they weren’t there to arrest anybody, but it’s still not clear why they were there to begin with.

The Free Thought Project reached out to the Wareham Police Department for comment, but they have yet to reply.

Take a look at the crazy incident below. Do you think the officers’ actions were warranted?


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