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Boy Slapped For Blowing Out His Birthday Candles Too Early (Video)

On what appears to be his seventh birthday, a boy in a now viral video clip gets smacked in the head after blowing out his birthday candles before the “Happy Birthday” song is finished being sung.

The clip, which was posted to Reddit, shows a young, eager boy standing before a birthday cake getting ready to blow out the candles while others around him sing “Happy Birthday.”

Before the song is complete, however, the little boy seems to be too excited and blows out the big “7” candles on top of his cake. Suddenly, someone smacks the boy in the head hard and angrily scolds him for his action.

The short clip has now gone viral and has sparked outrage among Internet users.

“It was my nephew's 7th birthday on Saturday and he also blew his candles out early. Know what we did? Laughed and relit them,” one Reddit user commented. “This is awful.”

“I'm torn between rage and heartbreak,” another Reddit user wrote.

Do you think this video is an example of discipline gone too far? Check out the clip below.

Source: Reddit


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