Shocking Bus Video Shows Teens Pelting Cars With Rocks, Food (Video)

Nine South Carolina high school students were arrested after they were caught on surveillance video throwing food and rocks at passing vehicles from their school bus.

The May 8 incident occurred in Charleston. Police say Septima Clark Academy students, age 16 to 19, snuck rocks onto the bus in a pizza box them proceeded to hurl them at cars.

Durham Bus Services notified the alternative high school that students on bus 529 threw rocks, damaging at least one truck.

They reportedly yelled profanities at the 78-year-old bus driver when he asked them to stop.

Police officers called to the scene found “food splashed across the grill, hood, and windshield,” WCSC reported. Deputies estimated the damage to the truck is about $950.

The video shows the student throw the rest of the projectiles out of the bus to “get rid of the evidence,” police said.

Eight of the nine students were charged as adults. The group, Kayla Gilliard Akeele Simmons, Shalaine Jenkins, Anton Simmons, Maurice Deveaux, Domonique Smith, Jordan Jasper and Roberta Ravenell, were arrested on a total of 16 warrants, according to Daily Mail.

Sources: WCSC, Daily Mail


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