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Shocking Body Cam Footage Shows Moment Officers Found Domestic Abuse Victim (Video)

Shocking footage captured on police body cams shows the moment that officers arrived at the home of a battered woman who called them because her husband was brutally beating her.

In the footage, 77-year-old Michael John Gregory answers the door and attempts to block it as police try to get inside. When they finally get in the house, police discover the woman, Gale Marmoy, with a swollen, bruised face and one eye swollen almost completely shut. Marmoy, known as Dawn, told BBC Panorama that the incident in October of 2013 was so bad that she believed she probably wouldn’t survive.

“The last time he was punching me, I thought, 'This is it - you’re going to die tonight,'” said Marmoy. “I was thinking of my children, my grandchildren. He just meant to do me harm, which he did, but I didn’t realize how much harm. I was terrified. [The police] could see the emotion of how frightened I was. If they had left that night and that camera wasn't on, and it had been a little bit later, they wouldn't have found me as they did; they would have found a body.”

Marmoy described the abuse in detail and said that she could even feel her ribs crack as he kneeled on top of her and repeatedly punched her in the face.

“My mind wasn't my own any more,” Marmoy admitted. “I was frightened - I was frightened of the police, I was frightened of him, I was frightened of everything. He didn't seem to even think he was doing anything wrong. In his mind, all he was doing was cooking me a meal.”

Now that the police body cam footage has been released, Marmoy hopes that it will help other victims of domestic abuse to find the courage to do what she did and call for help.

“You've got a life, and you deserve that life,” Marmoy offered as advice to other victims. “These people make you feel worthless, completely useless; that’s not true. They deserve the punishment; you don’t.”

Sources: The Daily Mirror, The Independent / Photo Source: The Independent


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