Shocked Burglar Swipes Pedophile's Horrifying Home Videos, Tips Off Cops Who Arrest Sex Abuser


An anonymous burglar is a hero today after helping police nab a man suspected of sexually abusing several young boys over a period of years.

The name of the suspected child molester has not been made public, but he is identified as a 64-year-old man who coached youth football, aka soccer, in the central-southern Spanish city of Jaén.

The alleged pedophile’s downfall began when a burglar broke into his house several days ago and stole a number of electronic devices — along with a Super-8 camera and a cache of videotapes.

The coach, who lived alone, reported the burglary to police, listing most of the missing items. But not everything. He left out the camera and the tapes. How he thought that police would find the innocent items but not the incriminating ones is something that the cops will have to ask him.

In any event, while going through his loot, the burglar — who has not been apprehended — apparently loaded the tapes into a player to see what he had. And what he saw shocked him.

The tapes depicted the soccer coach engaged in sexual acts with a series of boys who appeared no older than 10. Even risking his own arrest, the burglar knew he had to turn the man in.

The thief put the offending tapes in a brown envelope and slid the package underneath a parked car. He also enclosed a note.

“I've had the misfortune that these tapes have fallen into my hands and I feel obligated to turn them in so that you can do your job and put that [expletive] in prison for life,” the burglar wrote. He also included the address of the home he’d broken into, where he stole the tapes.

He then went to a public pay phone and made an anonymous call to the police, leading them to the package.

Cops were able to identify the man on the tapes. When they searched his home, they found yet more video recordings of himself sexually abusing underage boys.

Police have so far been able to trace four victims who appear on the tapes, including one who is now 16 but, police suspect, had been abused by the soccer coach since age 10. The boys appear to be members of teams the man coached.

SOURCES: The Local, The Independent, International Business Times


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