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Sheriff's Detective Left Loaded Gun in Florida Movie Theater Bathroom

On Father’s Day a 9-year-old boy stumbled across a loaded Glock 26 9mm left in a bathroom movie theater in Tampa, Fla. The boy notified his father, Wesley Noland, who then called police.

Noland, who holds a concealed weapon permit, told reporters, "I think the gentleman should be punished. He should have to answer for what he did. He put a lot of people's lives in jeopardy." He added that the gun owner “doesn’t deserve” to own a gun.

The police performed an investigation and what they found out was fairly shocking. The gun belongs to Hillsborough County Sheriff's Detective Luke Hussey. According to the investigation, Hussey was off duty at the movie theater when he left the weapon behind. The Glock was not Hussey’s service weapon, and Hussey has a permit for the weapon.

Laura McElroy of the Tampa Police told reporters that they would hand the gun over to the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and let them handle the investigation internally.

Hussey, 38, is a 13-year veteran, but this blunder could cause him to face harsh disciplinary action. The sheriff’s office released a statement saying, “HCSO takes this matter very seriously and has already began an investigation to determine any policy violations that may have occurred.”

Hussey could face suspension or even termination for his actions. Not everyone is cursing their bad luck following the incident, however. Muvico, the company that operates the movie theater, said it wants to offer a gift basket to the Nolands for being “great guests” and “concerned citizens.”

The young boy who found the gun handled the situation quite admirably considering his age. A less responsible child might have played with the gun and injured somebody.

That is something that the sheriff’s office will have to consider as they investigate the case. If you were performing the investigation, what sort of penalty would you give to Hussey for leaving his gun in a public facility?

Source: WTSP


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