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Sheriff's Deputy Suspended For Unprovoked Courtroom Assault On Inmate (Video)

On September 11, 2012, Denver Sheriff’s Deputy Brady Lovingier was caught on camera carrying out an unprovoked assault on an inmate during a court hearing.

The court room was almost entirely empty on the day the assault took place. As presiding Judge Doris Burd and detainee Anthony Waller discussed Waller’s charges, Deputy Lovingier inexplicably tapped Waller on the shoulder. When Waller turned around, Lovingier grabbed him and slammed him into a wall.

As Waller layed on the ground, Lovingier is heard saying “Don’t turn on me. Get on your feet. Get on your feet.”

Here is the courtroom video of the assault:

Judge Burd filed a grievance against Lovingier following the attack. An internal investigation found Lovingier did, in fact, carry out an unprovoked assault on Waller. The deputy's only punishment was a 30 day suspension without pay.

Lovingier filed an appeal to his suspension. He claimed he did not assault Waller at all, but rather the man simply tripped on his leg irons. The review panel found his claim is demonstrably false given the surveillance video showing otherwise. 

Career Service Hearing Officer Bruce Plotkin rejected Lovingier’s appeal this week.

“For reasons stated immediately above, Lovingier used inappropriate force in dealing with inmate Waller. The Agency thus proved Lovingier broke this rule by a preponderance of the evidence,” Plotkin wrote.

In a series of responses to Lovingier’s claim that Waller was aggressive towards him prior to the takedown, Plotkin rejects all of Lovingier’s reasoning and says none of it is supported by video evidence.

“The record, viewed in its entirety, however, does not support any of the above claims you made,” Plotkin writes. “In fact, inmate Waller’s conduct is consistent with how Judge Burd described her interaction with inmate Waller. She described him as polite and respectful. Your description of his physical actions is unreasonable.”

Sources: The Contributor, The Colorado Independent


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