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Sheriff's Deputy Resigns After Joking About Killing 'Black Lives Matter' Activists On Facebook

Jason Shierling quit his job as sheriff’s deputy in Thomas County, Georgia, after he was suspended without pay for reportedly making a joke about killing Black Lives Matter activists in a Facebook post. He resigned as of Dec. 16.

While he was off duty, Shierling snapped a video that featured employees at a fast-food restaurant in Thomasville fighting in the parking lot, The Washington Times notes. The employees were reportedly black.

“Lolz, these are the same people that want [$]15 an hr, the same people screaming ‘black lives matter’ it’s very clear they matter to you!” Shierling’s post read. “I would’ve loved to have rolled up on this. If you aim right you could’ve gotten both of them on the same cartridge, let them ride it together!”

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A sheriff’s office spokesman told the Thomasville Times-Enterprise that the comment was “in poor judgment and a poor choice of words.”

“We have a strict policy," Capt. Steven Jones said, according to The Washington Times. "It says you do not say on social media anything that would bias, shame, discredit or embarrass our office."

Shierling had been working at the Thomas County Sheriff's Office for less than two years.

Sources: Thomasville Times-Enterprise, The Washington Times / Photo credit: The Washington Times

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