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Police Speak Out Against Beyonce's Super Bowl Performance

A Murfreesboro, Tennessee, sheriff thinks Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance and her video “Formation” may be why shots were fired outside his home on Feb. 15, according to an edited video posted by the Daily News Journal.

Sheriff Robert Arnold appears in the video at what is presumably his home, where reporters have gathered.

“I heard what appeared to be shots fired out in front of my house," Arnold recounts in the video, according to the News Journal. "I fell to the ground and realized what was going on and called my wife and told her to get the kids upstairs."

Arnold explains that there has been no indication that any of the bullets hit his home but that the investigation is still underway.

“I don’t know why,” Arnold said when asked if a motive had been established.

“You do make people mad when you do your job; so that’s the only thing I could think of,” he added.

A reporter than asked Arnold whether he thinks he may have been targeted because of his role in law enforcement.

“With everything that happened since the Super Bowl … that’s what I’m thinking: Here’s another target on law enforcement,” Arnold said, citing multiple attacks made on officers nationwide since the game.

“You have Beyonce’s video and that’s kind of bled over into other things, it seems, like about law enforcement,” he added.

Six officers have lost their lives in the line of duty since the Super Bowl; all but one was from gunfire, according to the Officer Down Memorial Page.

Beyonce has faced intense criticism since her Super Bowl performance of “Formation,” featuring back-up dancers dressed like the Black Panthers, as well as the video for the song that is seen by many as having an anti-police attitude.

“It’s inciting bad behavior,” Jonathan Thompson, Executive Director of the National Sheriffs’ Association told The Washington Post of Beyonce’s performance. “Art is one thing, but yelling fire in a crowded theater is an entirely different one.”

Sources: The Washington Post, The Daily News Journal, Officer Down Memorial Page / Photo Source: Arnie Papp/Flickr, Mary M Reeves/The Daily News Journal

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