Sheriff’s Press Conference on Neighborhood Violence Interrupted by Gunshots (Video)

Shots rang out at an Orlando, Fla., condominium complex while Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings was giving a press conference about crime in the area on Monday.

"I don't know if that's gunfire or what that we hear in the background, but that's part of the challenges we have," stated Sheriff Demings, who did not even flinch, noted WFTV (video below).

Law enforcement officers are reportedly called to the violence-ridden Tymberskan condominium complex around six times a day, which is an average of about 2,000 calls a year, claims Sheriff Demings.

Other problems at the condo complex include no trash collection as well as the water and power being cut off to residents soon, reports News 13.

"None of us should have to live like that in 2014, and that's the concern that we have," added Sheriff Demings. "These are social issues that we have that end up being a crime problem."

The Orange County Board of County Commissioners will address the situation at the  Tymberskan condominiums on June 3.

Sources: News 13 and WFTV


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