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Sheriff Nick Finch Arrested After Releasing Gun Suspect on 'Second Amendment Rights'

Liberty County, Florida Sheriff Nick Finch was arrested on Tuesday after being accused of releasing Floyd Parrish from the county jail and allegedly changing or destroying official records to conceal Parrish's arrest.

Sheriff Finch was charged with a third-degree felony of official misconduct and released on his own recognizance.

Back on March 8, Parrish was arrested by Sgt. James Hoagland of the Liberty County Sheriff's Office, reports

Sgt. Hoagland had stopped Parrish's car and found a loaded .25 caliber semiautomatic pistol inside Parrish's pocket. A holstered revolver was found on the front seat of the car.

Sgt. Hoagland subsequently arrested Parrish for allegedly carrying a concealed deadly weapon.

According to court papers, Parrish was taken to jail and his arrest was documented by employees at the jail.

Sometime after Sgt. Hoagland left the jail, Sheriff Finch allegedly arrived at the prison, spoke to Parrish, took the arrest file from jail employees, ordered Parrish released and said that no charges would be filed.

According to the, investigators later found that white-out had been used on two lines of a log sheet and a jail report, and that other names had been written there.

Sheriff Finch also ordered the release of Parrish's confiscated guns, claimed employees in the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

Sgt. Hoagland told investigators that Sheriff Finch had told him that he "believed in Second Amendment rights" in regard to Parrish.

Florida Governor Rick Scott has suspended Sheriff Finch and named Carl Causey, from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Pensacola Region, to act as the interim sheriff.

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