Sheriff 'Enraged' After Deputy Uses Taser on Teen Who Surrendered (Video)


There are numerous stories of police officers tasing people, but it's very rare when their commanders speak out against the tasing.

A recently released dashcam video (below) shows Albany County Sgt. Vincent Igoe firing a Taser at a 16-year-old black male suspect twice at 3:40am on Aug. 16.

Authorities reportedly chased the teen at speeds up to 120 mph (for a smashed out headlight and no taillights) from Colonie to Troy, N.Y., but the SUV the teen was driving eventually went off the road and became disabled.

Several deputies quickly surrounded the SUV with guns drawn, but the teen refused to get out of the SUV for a few seconds.

On the video, Sgt. Igoe appears to try to Taser the teen through the broken back window of the SUV, but misses.

After the teen gets out of the SUV with his hands on top of his head, he squats on the ground on his knees in a "surrender" position. Sgt. Igoe then fires his Taser at the teen, hitting him.

"I was a little bit enraged when I saw the video," Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple told CBS6.

"Obviously, we want people to be able to come home safe at the end of their shift but in this case, we did not feel [the second Taser shot] was warranted, we did not have a combative individual at that point, again the tape speaks for itself so I'll let public opinion rest on that," added Sheriff Apple.

Sgt. Igoe's attorney Steve DeNigris countered, "I'll tell you, those officers were pumping at that point… You don't know if someone was going to use more force, at least once officer had a stick out because he knocked out the windows... he's on his knees [the suspect], he's not on the ground."

However, the teen's knees are touching the ground in the video.

“I don't have a problem with the video,” DeNigris told News 10. “When a police officer uses force, he doesn't have to be correct when he uses force. He only has to be reasonable in the use of his force.”

Sheriff Apple has started the process to fire Sgt. Igoe, who has been suspended without pay.

“That's not the training that our department dispenses on its members,” Sheriff Apple told News 10. “He followed none of our protocol. The chase should have never occurred. I was extremely disappointed, and at the same time, a bit enraged.”

The FBI is also investigating the case, which likely means there may have been a Civil Rights violation.

Sources: News 10, CBS6


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