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Sheriff Backs Deputy Who Said Military Gear Needed Because Of Armed 'Constitutionalists' (Video)

Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich recently defended one of his deputies who said that the law enforcement agency needed Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles to deal with "constitutionalists" who "stockpile weapons" in Washington State.

In the edited video (below), which was posted on the Alex Jones conspiracy website, the deputy states, “We’ve got a lot of constitutionalists and a lot of people that stockpile weapons, lotta ammunition and they have weapons here locally.”

This statement is technically true. Gun sales across the nation have increased over the past few years. The people most likely to buy guns are folks who already own guns, noted CNN. added, "Infowars was unable to reach the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office for comment at the time of publishing, but did speak with Spokane Valley Republican Representative Matthew Shea, who was appalled when presented with the footage."

Rep. Shea told

“Will law abiding citizens who love the Constitution and Rule of Law be hunted down with MRAPs? Constitutionalism is fundamental to being an American. To hate the Constitution and those who support it means you are a traitor to this country. This is spitting in the face of all those heroes that fought, bled, and died so we might live free. The question should be, why aren’t you a constitutionalist? Why don’t you believe in the rule of law? Why don’t you believe that the Constitution means what it says?”

In response, Sheriff Knezovich responded with his own video (below), noted

Sheriff Knezovich wondered aloud why rushed to publish the Dec. 7 video on Dec. 12 after calling his office at 9:39 p.m., after operation hours, which didn't give him time to respond before the story was published.

“InfoWars and Alex Jones, in my opinion, this is standing operating procedure, they only give you what fits their agenda,” said Sheriff Knezovich.

He also claimed there were death threats towards the deputy by commenters that remain on the site. He also said the deputy was a military veteran who had been awarded the Medal of Valor.

“It’s sad and regrettable that he chose his words poorly, because he used broad-brush strokes," added Sheriff Knezovich. "If you ask people, many people call me a ‘constitutionalist.’ I wear that title with honor because I do firmly believe in the Constitution of the United States. If you take a look at the facts, Washington law enforcement has done more to protect the rights, especially the gun rights, of its citizens than many of these groups decrying the deputy’s comments.”

Sheriff Knezovich recalled how he opposed I-595, a state proposal which required background checks for all gun purchases. I-595 was approved by Washington State voters in November.

Sheriff Knezovich also explained how people who call themselves constitutionalists have killed cops and referred to Jerad and Amanda Miller, who died in a shoot-out with police, as examples.

In response to Sheriff Knezovich's questioning why only released a small portion of the video involving the deputy, Alex Jones released the full video (below) on

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Image Credit: Spokane County Sheriff's Office Screenshot


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