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Shelter Puts Up Pit Bull Kissing Booth at Adoption Event

At the Super Adoption Weekend hosted by No Kill LA last week, a volunteer at Best Friends Animal Society took a photo with a pit bull who had her own kissing booth.

She posted the photo on Reddit and it soon received thousands of comments

"I loved the idea of the kissing booth because it was such an approachable and friendly visual to place on what is often a controversial breed," Caitlyn Larimore said.

The pit bull, named Claudia, gave friendly kisses to all who visited her booth. The booth was hosted by Angel City Pit Bulls. They said on their Facebook page that Claudia was looking for a home.

"She is 61 pounds but all muscles," they said. "She is also known as the kissing bandit. She is playful and submissive. Her favorite thing to do is run."

"Claudia is between 3-4 years old and she probably had a couple of litters before being dumped at the shelter. She was rescued hours before being euthanized."

Many are praising the booth for bringing attention to pit bulls in a positive way.

"I love that this is a pit bull. I know so many people who look at pit bulls in a negative way because of the stereotypes surrounding them. If it grows up in a good home and is trained correctly they can be the sweetest dogs ever!" Reddit user calebrad1235 said.

Sources: Reddit,Huffington Post


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