Shelter Dogs and Cats Displayed at IKEA in Singapore and Tempe, AZ, Find New Homes (VIDEO)


IKEA has found a brilliant way to help shelter animals find homes, says Business Insider

By placing life-size cardboard cutouts of dogs who are up for adoption at a local shelter throughout their stores, IKEA is encouraging shoppers to consider taking home more than furniture and to give a  four-legged friend a place in their homes and hearts, Vet Street states.

As you pass through the maze of home furnishings and the latest in modern decor, cardboard cutouts of shelter dogs and cats gaze at you from soft pillow-strewn beds, lounge on sofas, and greet you at entrances with eyes that say, “Please adopt me. I will love you forever!”

Two IKEA stores in Singapore were the first retail partners in the Home For Hope program that includes animal shelters Save Our Street Dogs and the Animal Lovers League

Then the Tempe, Arizona, IKEA  partnered with the Arizona Humane Society to create a similar program.

The concept gets some high-tech assistance because each cutout displays a different barcode which can be scanned by smart phones when customers want more information on the pictured pet.

"We thought it was a perfect way to show people what their home would look like with a pet in it,” Becky Blaine, Marketing Director at IKEA in Tempe, told Business Insider.

Singapore IKEA showrooms featured 26 pets until June 6, reports Fast Company.

The models for the first six cutouts featured at the Tempe store, all have been adopted, Blaine said. The next group of cutouts of shelter pets will be featured in the store beginning July 29, 2014.

Watch the process of bringing out the star quality in adoptable shelter pets:

Sources: Vet Street, Business Insider


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