Shelly Lewis and Alicia Binford Arrested for Flashing Golfers at Public Course

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Some people have a hard time distinguishing “gentleman’s sport” from “gentleman’s club.”

Two women were arrested this week for raising hell at a public golf course in Alton, Illinois. The ladies in question stand accused of the heinous crime of flashing their breasts at fellow golfers.

Madison County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Dixon says that his deputies responded to several complaints of lewd conduct this week at the Woodlands Public Golf Course. Authorities arrived on the scene and arrested Shelly Lewis (bottom), 45, and Alicia Binford (top), 43, for misdemeanor indecency, according to the Daily Mail.

“They weren’t topless in general,” Capt. Dixon clarified. “But they were exposing their breasts. Obviously there’s a neighborhood there, there are children around as there’s a subdivision built on the course, so there were concerns.”

It is not currently known whether the women were actually golfing as well as exposing their breasts or if they were simply accompanying other golfers.

“The officers didn’t witness Binford and Lewis golfing,” said Capt. Dixon. “They witnessed them pulling their shirts up.”

Both women posted their $100 cash bonds.

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