Israel Bans Reading Names Of Dead Children On Radio After Shellfire Hits Gaza School


Fifteen people died when Israeli shellfire hit a Gaza school run by the United Nations, which was being used as a shelter.

Hundreds of Palestinians were in the Beit Hanoun school after fleeing heavy fighting in the area, according to the Gaza health ministry.

This is the fourth time that a UN facility has been attacked since Israel began its offensive against Hamas on July 8, BBC News reported.

The latest United Nations report says that one child was killed in Gaza every hour in the last two days. Reading the names of the dead Palestinian children on Israeli radio has been banned, according to the Daily Mail.

After 16 days of fighting, more than 750 Palestinians and 33 Israelis have been killed.

Gaza police and health officials reported six deaths, including that of an 18-month-old boy, at the Jebaliya refugee camp early Thursday after an Israeli airstrike.

Three UN relief staff workers were killed in Gaza today, a spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees told the Daily Mail.

Sources: BBC News, Daily Mail

Image credit: Al Jazeera English, Associated Press


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