Girl Saves Trapped Ducklings (Video)


A 6-year-old California girl aspiring to be a veterinarian got some good future job training when she rescued eight ducklings trapped in a drainage pipe (video below).

Skye Rabii was walking out of a doctor’s office in Laguna Hills with her daughter, Mia, on April 9 when a woman approached them and asked for help.

“She had found the mama duck, with only one duckling, looking distressed,” Rabii told the Orange County Register. It didn't look right, since ducks have 10, 12 ducklings at a time.”

Nine other ducklings were stuck at the bottom of a drainage pipe that had a missing cap. The woman was able to rescue one of the ducklings, but her arm was too big to go further down the pipe and save the rest.

“I reminded Mia that she said she always wanted to be a veterinarian,” Rabii said. “She said, ‘I can do it,’ and reached down the pipe up to her shoulders and pulled out eight ducklings, one at a time.”

Mia was able tor rescue all the ducks and reunite them with their mother. The duck family then wandered away uninjured and happily back together. 

“I am beyond ... proud of her,” Rabii said. 

In a similarly heartwarming story, an Orlando, Florida, girl made headlines when she asked for animal shelter donations instead of birthday presents. Kendley Anne collected donations at her fifth birthday party and then went to the local shelter to deliver them to her animal friends.

“[Kendley Anne] knew that it’d be fun to visit all the animals at the shelter and give them all the things she collected,” the girl’s mother, Kelly Meloon, told the Orlando Sentinel. “She was very much on board and excited to do it.” 

At the shelter, the young animal lover got the chance to take a tour of the facility and also got to pet and hold some of the animals. 

“It’s nice to see how many young animal lovers are in our community,” the shelter’s public information officer Carolina Devine said. 

Sources: Orange County Register, Orlando Sentinel / Photo credit: Orange County Register 

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