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Woman Finds Answers To Her Mystery Skin Condition

A woman whose painful, itchy skin condition left doctors baffled for years finally found answers to her mystery condition.

When Calvina, a woman from Oklahoma, was mowing her lawn one day, she said that she felt a bite on her ankle. After the bite, an itchy, dark spot appeared on her arm. Not long after, her body was covered in mysterious marks, according to Little Things.

Soon, she said, her life became a living hell. She had "itch attacks" that caused her to scratch until she bled. The round marks showed up nearly everywhere on her body - her legs, stomach, and back were covered in large, dark spots. She said that she couldn't wear short clothing without people in public becoming alarmed.

"If I’m wearing short sleeves … and nobody knows me, they would give this face, like 'Oh my God, what is that? Don’t touch her,'" she told Little Things. Although her illness was not contagious, she said that her career and social life were affected by the condition for seven years.

For almost a decade, Calvina said doctors weren't able to find an answer for her mysterious illness. A dermatologist reportedly told Calvina that the cause must be a nerve problem. Other doctors that she saw said that the condition was caused by a severe allergic reaction. None of the medications prescribed to her, however, alleviated her symptoms.

Finally, after years of suffering from the mystery condition, Calvina went on to the TV show "The Doctors," in an attempt to share her story and ask if the doctors had any answers on her condition. The show sent her to Dr. Sonia Batra, who conducted tests to find the cause of Calvina's marks.

Batra explained that the itchy marks on Calvina's skin were a symptom caused by two underlying conditions that had not been diagnosed before. After doing Calvina's blood work, Batra was able to diagnose her with hyperthyroidism, which is a common condition in which the thyroid gland produces an insufficient amount of hormones that the body needs, according to the show.

The other condition that Batra diagnosed was much less common. She told Calvina that she had urticarial vasculitis, an autoimmune disorder that cause blood vessels in the body to become inflamed. The two conditions together, Batra said, are what caused Calvina's severe itching, as well as the prurigo, or bumps on her skin.

Calvina can make a full recovery, according to Batra, if both of the conditions are treated and under control, as long as she doesn't scratch her prurigo marks. The doctors also told Calvina that Dr. Adrienne Lam, a dermatologist from Oklahoma, had agreed to continue her ongoing treatment free of charge.

After finally getting answers to the condition that had plagued her for years, Calvina was in tears.

"I didn't think that you guys would hear me," she said to the doctors. "But you guys heard me."

Sources: Little Things, The Doctors TV / Photo Credit: The Doctors TV

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