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Shawn Hughes Tries To Sell Daughter For $1,500 To Bail Out Her Mother

Tennessee father Shawn Hughes has been arrested for trying to sell his daughter in exchange for $1,500 to bail the child's mother out of jail. Investigators say Hughes, 32, called his daughter's caretaker over the phone numerous times and offered to sign over legal custody of the child for the cash.

Under the direction of law enforcement, the caretaker accepted Hughes' offer and a meet was arranged. Police were present during each of the phone conversations, according to NBC 10.

Hughes told the woman that he would be waiting for her in a local parking lot and that he would be in a red truck. Instead of the caretaker, police showed up and Hughes was taken into custody.

Hughes had a small metal tube containing three round white pills, possibly Clonazepam, and two oblong yellow pills on his person at the time of his arrest. The items have been submitted to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for testing.

He has been charged with illegal payments in connection with the placement of a child and two counts of drug possession.

Hughes and the child's mother were both arrested last Friday, but he was able to post bond. After this new incident, Hughes is back behind bars.

Sources: NBC 10, The Inquisitr


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