Shawn Calpito Suspended From Job For Having Vanity Plate On Car That Read ‘NOT SEE’ Below A Swastika

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A man in California has been suspended from his job as a San Diego Unified School District bus driver after it was learned that he had vanity license plates on his car that read “NOT SEE” below a swastika.

The vanity plates belonged to Shawn Calpito and Mail Online reports that the California Department of Motor Vehicles cancelled the plates and requested they be surrendered after a viewer sent a photograph of Calpito's car to a local news station.

"This is a guy who is promoting racial hatred," civil rights attorney Jim McElroy told 10News, which also reported that sources told the station there have been several complaints at the district's transportation facility about Calpito's car. Sources said the license plate was only recently added, but the swastika has been on Calpito's BMW for months.

The front and back plates had been removed from the car when News10 tracked it down and reportedly Calpito’s Facebook page has also been taken down.

Some parents expressed concern because Calpito works with kids every day.

"Hopefully my kids wouldn't ride on his bus. I mean, I would prefer the bus driver who doesn't espouse those ideas,” Ian Seruello said.

District officials issued a statement regarding Calpito and the license plate.

"This concern was brought to the district's attention yesterday. School bus driver Shawn Calpito has been placed on leave pending investigation."

Sources: Mail Online, 10News


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