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Shaun Williams Robbed on First Date, Left Naked in Cow Pasture

Shaun Williams recently went on a disastrous first date, which included being beaten, forced to strip at gun point, robbed and left naked in a cow pasture in Bunnell, Fla.

At the beginning of his date on June 14, Williams was picked up by a woman named "Tree." Oddly, she had brought two other men with her. Tree told Williams that she was going to drop off the two men — one of them her brother — at a house.

“I should have known better when I see two other individuals in the car,” Williams told The Daytona Beach News-Journal. “Basically, it was my stupidity ... I should have realized there was something funny about it.”

Then the brother told his sister to stop by the side of the road because he had to pick up a another person. That is when she backed into an empty cow pasture.

After Williams got out of the car to urinate, he recalled being hit with a "hard metal object."

Williams then faced a semiautomatic pistol pointed at his head. He was robbed of $200 and his clothing, which included a tank top, shorts and sneakers. He was also robbed of his prepaid cellular phone and Florida driver’s license, noted NBC News.

While walking naked on a road at 11:30 p.m., Williams was somehow able to flag down a truck driver, who called the police.

Later, police took Williams to the Florida Hospital in Flagler County for medical treatment of his a fractured cheekbone and cheek. Williams will also have to undergo surgery on his right eye.

Sources: NBC News and The Daytona Beach News-Journal


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