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Sharon Dyer Calls Animal Control, 911 on Billy Goats in Her Yard (Video)

After she recently discovered two goats in her backyard, Sharon Dyer called animal control who transferred her to a 911 operator.

The 911 operator asked the Fort Worth, Texas woman if she needed police, fire or an ambulance (video below).

"No, this is goats. Two billy goats in my backyard," Dyer told 911.

Dyer recalled the incident to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth: "Out of the corner of my eye, I see two billy goats. I went and looked down thataway, looked down thisaway."

She then yelled at the goats: "Ya'll get. Don't come over here to my garden."

Dyer feared the goats might eat a tiny palm tree that she had brought back from Florida, as the animals had already eaten some plants.

"And then a goat is going to eat it? Not on my watch!" vowed Dyer, who put a table between the palm tree and the goats.

Fortunately, the police and the goats' owner showed up at Dyer's home.

The goats' owner apologized for his pets, Savannah and Willie, and promised to replace the destroyed plants.

Source: NBC Dallas-Fort Worth


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