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Shark That "Walks" Along Ocean Floor Using Fins Discovered In Indonesia

A new species of shark that can “walk” using its fins as legs underwater has been discovered by scientists in the tropical waters of eastern Indonesia.

The bamboo shark walks along the ocean floor using its tiny fins and is not dangerous to humans, according to

Scientists in the environmental group Conservation International helped discover the species.

The brown and white shark searches for fish and crabs at night on the seabed. A a maximum length of about 30 inches, scientists said they think the shark can be used to encourage a positive, non-intimidating image of sharks.

"(The shak could) serve as an excellent ambassador to call public attention to the fact that most sharks are harmless to humans and are worthy of our conservation attention," said Ketut Sarjana Putra, Indonesia director at Conservation International.

Members of Conservation International also said they think the shark’s discovery "should help draw diver interest to this mega-diverse but largely undiscovered region.”



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