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Shark Attack Victim Fights Off Shark, Stitches Up His Own Leg, and Heads to the Bar

A New Zealand doctor is making headlines after surviving a shark attack, but his survival isn’t what people are talking about. 24-year-old James Grant, who happens to be a doctor, decided that he wasn’t going to let a little shark attack ruin his beach trip with friends.

When Grant realized that the shark was latched onto his leg, he immediately sprung into action.

"I looked behind to see who it was and got a bit of a shock," said Grant. “[I thought] bugger, now I have to try and get this thing off my leg,”

Grant had a diving knife on him at the time, so he quickly grabbed it and began to stab the shark repeatedly until it got off his leg.

"I sort of just fought the shark off,” explained Grant. “The shark got a few stabs. The knife wasn't long enough though."

Once Grant finally fought the shark off, he walked to shore, took out a needle and thread from his first aid kit, and stitched up his own leg to the shock of his friends. Immediately after stitching up his own wounds, Grant and his buddies made their way to a local pub for a drink.

“I am pretty grateful to have my leg still,” said Grant. “When the stitches come out, I will be back in the water.”

Grant believes that a sevengill shark bit him in the New Zealand waters.


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