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Shannon Lynn Arrested for Stabbing 80-Year-Old Woman, Dog at Calif. Mobile Home

Residents of the Meadows Mobile Home Park in Riverside, CA, are trying to recover from the shock and terror of a horrific invasion that occurred there before dawn on Monday, February 25, leaving a small white poodle, Gunner, recovering from stab wounds and an 80-year-old woman still hospitalized from a savage attack.

Residents said they were awakened about 4:30 a.m. by the barking and painful screams of Gunner, who was the first victim stabbed by the bizarre intruder.

Kim Lyman and his family told KABC7 News that they rushed into the living room of their mobile home in the La Sierra Neighborhood of Riverside and found a young woman sitting on their couch. She was wearing a white hard hat and surgical gloves. There was a knife between her legs.

The Lymans said the woman told them crazy stories about people trying to kill her, they told KABC reporters. But, they were able to talk the woman into leaving their home.

Her husband told the girl, ‘I have this gun. You’re going to be all right, nobody’s going to kill you,’” Suzy Lyman recalled. “You’re in my house and we play by my rules now, and I have this gun that I’m going to protect you with,"' he said.

After they finally convinced the woman to leave their home, they discovered their beloved little dog, Gunner, had been stabbed.

"He had blood in his left lung, so she really stuck it to him," Lyman told reporters as he cuddled the little white dog

According to the police report, the violent intruder went next door to another mobile home and is believed to have stolen a few items.

She then proceeded to a third home, where she stabbed a frail 80-year-old resident. They saw the suspect driving away in the victim's white 1995 Toyota Camry with California license plate DPL2518.

Authorities told KABC they believe the suspect went to the mobile home park because she is related to someone who lives there. The Lymans told authorities that the woman told them she is mentally ill.

Riverside police arrested a 25-year-old woman suspected of stabbing and beating an 80-year-old woman as well as stabbing Gunner, reports the LA Times.

The suspect was arrested at about 3 a.m. Tuesday, said Lt. Russ Shubert of the Riverside Police Department. She has been identified as Shannon Lynn Jones, 25, of Bishop.

She was charged with suspicion of attempted murder, home invasion robbery, burglary, animal cruelty and vehicle theft.

The 80-year-old female victim is in serious but stable condition with multiple stab wounds and blunt-force trauma to her body from the attack, according to the latest information available.

Gunner, the poodle, is expected to make a full recovery.

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