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Mother Questions Gender Stereotypes After Strangers Shame Son For Wearing Princess Costume (Photos)

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A Virginia mother spoke out after she people looked at her son in a princess butterfly costume “with disgust.”

Stephanie Marie Manus told the that she allowed her 4-year-old son to dress as a “princess butterfly” because “it's called having an imagination and being free to be whoever or whatever he wanted to be.”

Upon allowing her son to wear the costume, Manus said she started receiving negative reactions from those around her — including one man who “thought it was OK to ignore a four-year-old boy while he was trying to [compliment him] because he was in a princess costume... shame on you!"

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“To the ignorant woman who suggested 'I wanted a girl so I MADE him dress like a princess... no he asked to be a princess butterfly!" she added.

Manus said that despite some negative reactions, her son was “so proud of himself and had a blast” wearing the costume.

The angry mother now wants to know why people have such an issue with her son’s choice of attire.

“Why is it ok for your daughter to be a ninja turtle, super hero, racecar driver, ninja, and so on but it is NOT ok for my son to want to be a butterfly princess?" she asked.

“Is that such a problem that my very imaginative 4 yr old innocent loving child wants to be happy playing dress up on halloween or any other time for that matter?" she added. "Did it somehow ruin your day? Spoil the event in any way?"

Manus’ story comes following a similar incident in Virginia, in which a father spoke out against social media users who criticized his son’s choice to wear a princess dress, Breitbart reported.

“Keep your masculine bulls**t and slutty kids costumes,” the father, Paul Henson, said in a post.

Do you think agree with these parents in the way they defended their children?

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