Support the Troops? Shame on you America!

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I always hear people saying -- and see their bumper stickers reading -- that we should “support our troops.”

I would like to address that little statement because I do not think a good majority of Americans really know what they are saying.

They are only jumping on the bandwagon and saying it simply because it is the right (maybe even the politically correct) thing to do without having any understanding or sincerity of what that really means and entails.

The purpose of the military, and the men and women who join those ranks, is to defend our freedoms and way of life under what our forefathers spelled out in The Constitution. Within this elite organization of professionals, they all have certain jobs to do and they do it without complaint or for recognition. It is something every member realizes and understands: Everything they do is for the security of America and its citizens.

That being said, in order for that concept to work and to really mean anything, it takes the whole country working together. With the state of affairs that the USA is currently in, it is quite obvious that no one is working together and each group has its own agenda, each going in a separate direction without a single common goal.

So how exactly does America support our troops? Let us look at it. We have allowed certain lobbyist groups control over what our elected officials do in office. We have set a precedence where we have laws telling lawmakers what to do, we have allowed certain groups of individuals to bankrupt this country for their own personal gain, we have laws prohibiting certain actions simply because one group does not agree with it or it hurts their feelings, we have allowed our natural resources to be depleted, health care, and the list goes on, all of which pretty much ignores the fact that The Constitution actually exists. 

Is this the American idea of how to support our troops? If this is what being an American really means, then every soldier who dies for this country, dies in vain, and sometimes they will even die so that just one individual can make millions.

Is this the America we wish them to come home to? To face battles that the American citizens should have been the ones fighting for them while they defend our freedoms? Is this how America repays their sacrifice?

This is not the America they signed up to die for.

Shame on you America!


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