Sgt. David Clifford Sucker Punches Brian Vander Lee, now on Life Support

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On Sunday, Sgt. David Clifford, of the Minneapolis SWAT team [pictured left], turned himself in to authorities after he allegedly “sucker punched” a man for talking too loud, putting him in intensive care.

Witness Mike Archambault told KMSP-TV that his friend, Brian Vander Lee, was at a restaurant in Andover, Minnesoat on Saturday when Sgt. Clifford, seated at another table, asked him to be quiet.

Archambault said that Sgt. Clifford "did a Superman punch. Brian went back, feet up in the air, and the guy landed on top of him and his head bounced off the concrete.”

Archambault said Sgt. Clifford fled the scene and Vander Lee was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors performed emergency brain surgery.

Police Commander Paul Sommer said that Sgt. Clifford finally turned himself in at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday. He is expected to be charged with third-degree assault.

Sgt. Clifford has reportedly served with the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division as team leader of Personal Security Detachments in Kosovo and Iraq.

After two brain surgeries, Vander Lee was still on life support Sunday. Doctors are hopeful that he will recover.


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