Sexy Shoeshine Shop Opens Near Wall Street


Thanks to a new shop that recently opened in New York’s Financial District, Wall Street workers will now have the option of getting their shoes shined by women who could otherwise be working at Hooters. Star Shine NYC employs beautiful, young women scantily clad in skimpy shorts.

One of the shop’s co-owners, 30-year-old Kevin White Jr., said he and his dad had been thinking about opening this kind of shop for quite a while. “We thought it could be a successful twist,” said White, after the store opened three weeks ago. “Finance guys are so busy and stressed, this is a chance to unwind and relax. It’s definitely an upgraded shoe-shine experience.”

The store is meant to have a classy atmosphere and White hopes to begin serving beer and wine in the next few months. It also turns out that the shop is a true family business, DNA Info reported.

“All the young ladies have undergone professional training — this is an upscale place,” White said. “Many of the women are students or just out of college. Even my sister, a college student, is working there.”

According to the Star Shine website: “Looking for the ultimate shoe shine? Look no further. Star Shine NYC is the ultimate shoe shine experience. The Star Shine shop features a modern storefront, quality furnishings, flat-screen televisions, a classy and relaxing atmosphere, and of course our famous Star Shine Ladies!”

The regular price for a shine is $7, although if patrons come in before 11 a.m., the rate is discounted to just $4. The shines take about five minutes.

19-year-old Kaya Santiago, a Westchester Community College student, has enjoyed her experience working at the shop so far. “It’s actually fun,” Santiago said. “Everyone’s been nice, and it's something to do while I'm in school. And the tips can be good, usually."

Sources: DNA Info, The New York Observer


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