'Sexy Hunter' Faces Backlash From Animal Rights Advocates For Facebook Picture With Dead Lion (Photos)


A Czech woman is facing backlash from animal rights supporters after she posted pictures of herself on Facebook alongside dead animals.

According to Daily Mirror, the image that really set them off was one of her and a dead lion. 

Michaela Fialova, known by followers as the sexy hunter, became the subject of a petition that called for her Facebook page to be removed and for her to be banned from entering Africa. “Killing animals for fun is just plain wrong and must be stopped,” the petition read. Since its launch on Feb. 18, the petition has garnered more than 4,000 signatures.

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“It's despicable and repulsive to glorify trophy hunting and sadistic practices such as bow hunting and posing with dead bodies of animals as if hunting is an appealing and desirable thing to do,” petition author Alice Susan Harding wrote. “Killing animals for fun is just plain wrong and must be stopped.” Animal advocates took to Facebook after the photos went viral and expressed their outrage.

“Obviously you enjoy killing defenceless (sic) creatures. Can you share with us WHY you so enjoy the slaughter?” one opponent of Fialova wrote. “I understand hunters who reduce animals which do not have any natural enemy. But what about your boasting about the poor dead animals with a smiling face?” another said.

Fialova, who described herself on her website as a “passionate hunter, who first successfully hunted animal at the age of 13,” responded to the backlash on social media.

“Hey antis, do you really think this will stop me???? :-D I WILL NEVER STOP HUNTING!!!!” the 27-year-old hunter wrote.

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Fialova’s Facebook page currently has 19,000 likes, and the young hunter posted a message to supporters when the milestone number was hit.

“Thank you guys for 19,000.... And thanks antis for joining in the fun!"

Sources: Daily Mirror, Change.org / Photo Credit: Facebook via Daily Mirror


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