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Mom: Sexually Assaulted Teen Saved By GPS Device

A Texas mother says she was alerted to her teenage daughter's sexual assault in real time by a GPS tracking device installed on her daughter's waistband. 

Police say the teenage girl was kidnapped on Aug. 17 by a man who lured her into his car in Rowlett, Texas. 

The mother and daughter, whose identities are not released for their protection, use AngelSense, a tracking and listening device designed for special needs children. The 15-year-old girl, who has Asperger's syndrome, was fitted with the device by her mother to better track her whereabouts.

"I can tell if she stops, I can tell if she turns around, I can see everywhere she goes," the mother said. 

Shortly after the daughter got into the man's vehicle, the mother received a text informing her of her daughter's location — Rowlett's Springfield Park, an unregistered place. 

The mother was shocked to discover the situation her daughter was in after she enabled the listening function of the device. 

"I heard the assault while it happening," she said. "I knew exactly what was happening."

With cellphone in hand, the mother drove to find her daughter, first at Springfield Park, then at another intersection, following the tracking device on her daughter, reports CBS DFW.

Finally, she found her daughter running near her home, where she says the man dropped her off.

Not only was the mother able to find her daughter using the device, but she thinks it may have saved her daughter from further harm. 

"He found the device on her waistband, told her to take it off," the mother said. "She said she can't, 'My mom is the only one that can do it.' And I think it freaked him out, spooked him."

"I think this device saved her life, or from being gang raped, because it was going to go do that," the mother said to CBS DFW. She says she heard the man discussing that.

Police say the GPS device and its data saved on the mother's phone is making their search for the man much more thorough. 

"It's excellent because very rarely do you have that detailed information when you're looking at sexual assault," Lt. David Nabors explained to CBS DFW. "Sometimes when they're in the car, victims are so scared they're not able to tell you where they were. This GPS device can tell us down to feet."

The daughter described her assailant as a man in his 20s with a mustache and a tattoo of a circle with points on his right forearm.

He drives a white mid-size sedan with two car seats and a booster seat in the back. 

The mother recommends AngelSense to parents of a child with special needs, or to parents who wish to keep a closer eye on their child. 

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Rowlett Police. 

Sources: WFAA, CBS DFW / Photo credit: Screnshot via WFAA


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