Sexual Predator Convicted of Torturing Woman Receives Life In Prison, Not Castration


Florida man Elmer Bowman was convicted last week of kidnapping and torturing a woman for 17 hours.

Though the prosecution had sought chemical castration, Bowman received two life sentences instead.

State Attorney R.J. Larizza argued that chemical castration would have prevented Bowman from threatening the public again.

Bowman repeatedly burned and beat his 25-year-old victim, as well as forced her to perform sexual acts during the process. His victim was hung from a beam with ropes tied around her wrists and neck, all while Bowman threatened to hang her.

"She was choked. He struck her, burned her with a cigarette. There was cutting. There was whipping,” Prosecutor Christina Opsahl said.

After 17 continuous hours of torture, the woman managed to escape when Bowman fell asleep.

Sources: NY Daily News, First Coast News


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